About K.C. Foods Limited

K.C. Foods Limited was formed in 1971, based on the Isle Of Man we operate a fleet of vehicles as well as 24,000 square ft of warehousing and property. Our product range contains well over 7000+ product lines of retail confectionery, grocery, soft drinks, crisps and snacks is the largest on the island.

K.C. Foods Limited pricing is highly competitive and our focus is on customer service which means we are sure to leave you 100% satisfied.

Delivery Schedule

Mon:Douglas All Day, South & West Afternoon
Tues:Douglas All Day, North Afternoon
Wed:Douglas All Day, South & West Afternoon
Thurs:Douglas All Day, North Afternoon
Fri:Douglas All Day, South & West Afternoon
Sat:Douglas Only

K.C. Foods Limited started by selling Cadbury cakes from a spare bedroom using an ex. GPO mini van. Since then we have evolved to become a large retail wholesale operator who carries a range of fast moving food service lines. To this day we stock well over 7000+ product lines.

To find out more about our service please call us on 01624 622233 or contact us by clicking here.


Hills Meadow Industrial Estate,
Isle of Man,

Call: 01624 622233

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